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About Meorot

Meorot is an innovative Judaic Studies after school program providing students with an inspired Modern Orthodox Jewish education within a supportive environment. Meorot is located at North Shore Hebrew Academy and is a community partnership between the local Yeshivot serving Great Neck and surrounding communities. The program seeks to serve elementary aged students who present with learning or language difficulties that prevent them from attending day school Yeshivot.


Why the name Meorot?


Meorot is a powerful Hebrew name, representing the sun, moon and stars, whose origin is from creation in sefer Bereishiet. The name is well suited for the program’s purpose as we seek to expose the children to Limudei Kodesh so that they can shine and illuminate our community.

Why the need for a program like Meorot?


Meorot addresses a need within Great Neck to meet the needs of students who learn differently and who would benefit from a specialized Yeshiva environment. The program’s founders recognize that a community challenge needs a community solution and the partnership between the Yeshivot will allow Meorot to provide the resources needed for a sustainable and successful program. Meorot is a made for Great Neck solution recognizing the strength of specialized education in the Great Neck Public Schools and the social and financial challenges of sending children outside the community to a full time Special Education Yeshiva.


Our Mission


Meorot seeks to provide its students with an inspired religious experience and identity. Meorot will teach skills with an emphasis on Hebrew reading and comprehension but also including Chumash, Tefillah, Chagim and culture. Meorot will also provide students of Yeshiva minded families with the opportunity to experience similar milestones as their siblings (e.g. Chagigat HaSiddur & Chagigat HaChumash). Meorot seeks to better integrate its students into the Great Neck community by providing students with the opportunity to enroll in supporting Yeshivot extracurricular programs (e.g. NSHA Mercaz Sunday sport activities) and to encourage appropriate support within Shul Youth programming.  Meorot also seeks to leave the door open for mainstreaming. Finally, by bringing similar students together Meorot students will have a proud identity within the Great Neck Jewish community.

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